My Current Hair Care Routine With Redken’s Blow Dry Collection



Given that I spend my time between NYC and Montreal, finding consistency in hair salons seems nearly impossible! It’s particularly hard to find salons in Montreal, so I can’t really count on a stylist to be there in a pinch. So, having to depend on myself, YouTube has become my obsession with tutorials on learning how to do my own hair. Still, I miss the luxury of going to the salon and getting my hair “did”, haha!

I found myself going through the same fluctuations as I did with my skin. My hair, like my skin, tends to get extremely dry when in Montreal, so I have to hydrate everyday. Although my hair is naturally curly, I never wear it that way. I needed to find a way to hydrate without frizzing up, and then straightening without drying. My locks need, well, a Goldilocks approach. Need to get it just right!

So here’s the scoop on how I’ve been experimenting with my hair, and mixing things up a bit with Redken’s Blow Dry Collection for my new haircare routine. I wear my hair straight 99.9% of the time, so I make a concerted effort to avoid it going frizzy or curly. Here’s my current hair care routine:

  1. I use an anti-reversible shampoo and conditioner then a hydrating leave-in conditioner.
  2. Next, while my hair is damp, I section and secure my hair in four parts.
  3. Then, I spray Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer in each of the four sections and comb through for even distribution. This primer protects my hair from the blow drying heat, especially if I choose to use a flat iron.‎
  4. After, I blow-dry my hair while working from back to front. While my hair is still a bit damp, I start applying a few pumps of Diamond Oil – Glow Dry Style Enhancing Blow-Dry Oil throughout the length of my hair to add an instant shiny finish.‎
  5. Finally, I spray more Diamond Oil for additional shine.

These products are vegan-friendly. I’ve been using them for the past three weeks, and I’ve noticed my hair has lasting volume. LOVE it! I like that the primer protects my hair from heat up to 450 degrees, and the offers the option of applying the Diamond Oil before or after blow-drying. The oil became part of my daily haircare routine to combat dryness between weekly washing.

I would love to hear your thoughts on which vegan-friendly hair products you’ve been using for hydration. Please share!

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This post was created in collaboration with RedKen