Unique Ideas For Celebrating Your 21st Birthday

Like most people, I love celebrating my birthday each year with my friends and family. While normally a birthday cake, a few presents and a dinner with my nearest and dearest is enough for me. On big birthdays, I like to celebrate differently. Like turning 16 – I’m sure we all remember our sweet 16 parties?

A few of my friends have recently turned 21, which got me thinking about all the best ways to celebrate. Turning 21 is a big deal. Finally, you’re legally an adult. You no longer have to ask an ‘adult’ to buy you a cocktail or a glass of champagne, you can go up to the bar and order yourself.


Your 21st birthday is a big birthday, and so it should be marked with a special celebration. For all the best ideas for celebrating your 21st, keep reading.

Have a cocktail party
You’ve just become an adult and can now legally drink, so a cocktail party could be the perfect way to celebrate. What’s more fun than getting together with your closest friends and being taught how to make cocktails? Just make sure that everyone you want to invite is already 21. Otherwise, they may not be able to take part. (You always ask about a mocktail course for under 21s.)

For your party, you can opt to go to a bar and have a cocktail class there, or you can hire a venue and get a cocktail maker to come to you. The type of celebration that you choose to have will depend on how many people you want to invite. For a more intimate party, hiring out a whole venue is probably a better option. If you Google 21st birthday function venues, you should be able to find some places that are perfect for your dream party.


Plan a spa break
If you aren’t a fan of parties, how about planning a spa break with the girls? Heading off for a weekend of relaxation is the perfect way to mark your 21st birthday. Look out for a spa package that includes all treatments and use of the on-site facilities, as well as accommodation.

If you fancy celebrating in style, keep an eye out for deals for luxury spa packages. There are plenty of websites that do deals and discounts for spa stays, so make sure to shop around before you book. You might even be able to find a package that includes free champagne.

Go for afternoon tea
For a relaxed celebration that all your friends and family can partake in, organize an afternoon tea. This doesn’t have to be the only way that you celebrate; you could always party later on. But if you want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, afternoon tea is ideal.

Look online for a deal on afternoon tea that also includes champagne and, if there are a few of you, a separate function room. For an elegant celebration, afternoon tea is the ideal thing. It’s lovely and sophisticated, so even your older relatives can join in.

Whether you want to celebrate with a party or something a little more elegant, the ideas above should help you to mark your 21st in style.

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