Easy Ways to Take the Effort Out of Looking Great

Like many people, I love to look great whenever I can. Although, I’ll still take the chance to put no effort into what I’m wearing and lounge around the house. But sometimes taking the time to look fabulous can be too much. It eats into the time when you could be having a healthy breakfast, taking a leisurely stroll to work or just relaxing on the sofa in the evening. It doesn’t have to be so exhausting to keep yourself looking amazing and to choose stylish outfits every day. If you want to take the effort out of it, make use of the tips below.

Get Someone Else to Pick Your Clothes
Shopping for new clothes and other products to keep yourself looking great can be time-consuming. While some people love to shop, others can barely stand to do it for half an hour. Shopping online can be easier, but even that takes a lot of concentration. If shopping isn’t for you, you can try using a personal shopper to buy things for you. You can enlist the help of an online personal stylist to pick clothes based on your likes and dislikes. They send you a box of clothes, and you can send back anything you don’t want. You could save hours by getting someone else to choose your clothes.

Easy-Ways-to-Take-the-Effort-Out-of-Looking-Great-02Pare Down Your Morning Routine
Getting ready in the morning can take you a while, and it’s even more difficult if you’re not fully awake. There are so many other things you could be doing in the morning, from working out to eating breakfast. If it takes you a long time to sort out your face and hair, it’s probably time to shorten your routine. Men can find faster ways to shave and moisturize. Women can cut down on the time they spend doing their makeup. Don’t spend hours fiddling with your hair. If you want to do something fancy with it, practice it until you can do it quickly.

Plan Your Outfits in Advance
If you’re not very decisive, you might spend a long time choosing what to wear. Whether you’re going to work or out to dinner, you don’t need to take too long. Instead of being indecisive about what to wear before you leave the house, make decisions in advance. You could plan your outfits for the week or even have set items you always wear together.

Sometimes you don’t want to make much effort at all, but you also don’t want to go out looking like a slob. If that’s the case, just make sure you fix the bits people can see. Put a long winter coat on over your “lounging around the house” clothes. You can wear a smart hat over your bed head. Or do a super quick makeup application for the five minutes you’re going to leave the house for.

Looking great doesn’t have to take up all your time. Use these cheats and you can look fantastic with half the effort.

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