Stocking Fillers For The Football Enthusiast

With Christmas right around the corner, chances are you’ve already gotten the bulk of your shopping out of the way. Now, it’s simply a case of adding the little bits under the tree and in the stockings. That can almost be more difficult than buying the bigger presents. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you don’t want to end up with junk either. You need to draw inspiration from anywhere you can find it. That includes picking up on any hobbies your little man (or lady) may or may not have.

In this instance, with football being as popular as it is, let’s act as if we’re buying for the young football enthusiast. The one that spends his weekends kicking a ball around the park with his friends. Or sat on Daddy’s knee watching the big match. Your answer is staring you right in the face. Here is a couple of football themed stocking filler ideas to get you started in the final weeks leading to the big day.


Match Tickets
What better way to surprise your little one on Christmas morning than with a ticket to an upcoming home game? You’d be surprised by how relatively inexpensive youth tickets are in comparison to adults. Of course, it does mean you’ll need to shell out for supervision, but that can be a gift for your hubby too. Win win?

Cup games are generally less expensive than league matches, so that’s something worth keeping in mind. That is if your team of choice is lucky enough to still be in the competition!


Football Coaching
If your little football maniac loves to learn new tricks and skills, then some one-on-one or even group training could be the perfect present. If you get them gift of lessons in the new year, they will be sure to spend Christmas practicing in preparation.

To make it even more special, you can buy football trophys from Premier Trophies for when they finish their lessons. In some cases, you can even get them engraved!


The Team Kit
Football is a strangely tribal environment. Supporters are very much united behind their team, and competitive towards their rivals. When it comes to facing off with each other, friends and family can become divided over results. So, what’s the best way to identify yourself as a fan of any particular team? Why, with the latest season’s kit, of course!

In today’s world, even the junior options can get a little expensive, so you might even be able to pass this off as your main gift. Bonus points if you get your child’s name and number embossed on the back.

There are a few other tried and tested gifts you may consider. How about an official Premier League match ball? Or a new pair of boots for his (or her) kickabout in the park? This same basic principle can be applied to any other hobby. Identify a theme, and you’ll find a wealth of gift options!

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