Awesome Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Just like everyone else it seems, I focus on my physical health and tend to neglect other parts of my health. Are you the same? There is no doubt that most people want to lose weight or fight the signs of ageing, and there is nothing wrong with when done properly. But, it does mean that other parts of our bodies don’t receive the same attention, and they start to deteriorate. The best example I can think of is our teeth. Yes, we may brush twice a day, but is that enough to keep them strong and healthy? The answer is no.

Visit The Dentist
People around the world hate a trip to the dentist. In all honesty, it doesn’t bother me too much, but I may just have a brilliant dentist! Regardless of whether you like the experience or not, you have to see the dentist on regular occasions. They have the tools and the expertise to clean your teeth and fix any problems that they may find. For those of you who don’t like the treatments, I have just the thing: a holistic dentist. They try and provide you with the most natural treatment whenever possible, so you don’t have to go under the knife.

Awesome-Ways-To-Keep-Your-Teeth-Healthy-01Cut Out Sugary Drinks
Our diets play a big part in our oral hygiene. Logically, whatever we put in our mouths is going to come into contact with our teeth. When that happens to be a drink full of sugar, the result is not going to be positive. The sugar in drinks erodes the enamel of the teeth and starts to wear away at the insides, which exposes the nerve. Once the nerve is open, the pain is excruciating.

Awesome-Ways-To-Keep-Your-Teeth-Healthy-02Eat Healthy Food
The same goes for food. Food isn’t as damaging because most foods don’t contain lots of sugar like soda drinks. But, in the long run, they can be just as destructive. The sugar from food increases the bacteria in our mouths, and plaque starts to grow as a result. Plaque is a major cause of tooth decay as it gets under the teeth and the gums and eats away at the healthy tissue. By changing your diet to teeth-friendly foods, you can save your teeth.

Awesome-Ways-To-Keep-Your-Teeth-HealthyQuit Smoking
Are you a smoker? If you are, you don’t need me lecturing you on the effects on your health. However, you might not know about the effects it has on your teeth, so I am going to do it anyway! Firstly, the tar and the nicotine eat away at your gums and cause them to deteriorate. And, just for kicks, they turn teeth a very nasty shade of yellow.

Awesome-Ways-To-Keep-Your-Teeth-Healthy-03Pick The Right Toothbrush
Brushes should have long, flexible bristles. The bristles can then get into the hard to reach places to prevent the buildup of plaque. Also, I would recommend mouthwash and floss. Toothbrushes can only go so far whereas mouthwash and floss can reach every crevice.

tart thinking about your teeth before it is too late. After all, you only get one chance.

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