A Guide to Looking Your Absolute Best This Winter

Many people dread winter coming around. The clothes are nice and snug, and there’s nothing better than settling by the fire with a book and a glass of something nice. However, it’s also a time people heavily over-indulge. If you want to look amazing come Christmas and then on, you need to focus on staying on track and looking your best. Use these tips to help you:

Exercise in the Morning
Exercising in the morning has multiple benefits year round, but I highly recommend it during winter. Not only will you burn more fat if you do it before you eat, you’ll also get it out of the way so when the day turns to night earlier, you won’t end up skipping the gym. It gets colder and darker later on in the day, so it’s much better if you decide to exercise in the morning before you have a chance to change your mind. Getting into the habit of doing this won’t take long and you’ll feel happier for the rest of the day.


Take Care of Your Skin
Your skin can change during winter, so keep an eye on it. If it dries out, get more hydrating products and use those rather than what you’re currently using. As it’s so cold, it can be tempting to skip certain steps. Make sure you don’t. The hard work you put in now will show later, so don’t get lazy!


Monitor Your Food Intake
Monitor your food intake so you don’t accidentally eat more than you think you’re eating. Use an app like MyFitnessPal so you know how much protein carbs, and fats you’re putting into your body. You might be surprised at how much more you eat in winter.


Change Your Look
The changing seasons is the perfect time to change your look. Why not change your makeup for winter? Start wearing darker colours on your face and even your clothes. You might also want to change your hair colour and style to finish off the look.

Research Supplements
Supplements can help you to feel healthier and happier during the winter months. Taking vitamins is a good idea, as we don’t get much sun at this time of year. The sun provides us with certain vitamins that help us to feel happy! Some people even get a condition called SAD during winter, which makes them feel depressed. With the right supplements, you can also avoid gaining weight. Diet tablets can help you to keep weight off, but only if you focus on the rest of your diet to.

A-Guide-to-Looking -Your-Absolute-Best-This-Winter

Focus on Your Goals for Summer
If you have goals for the coming summer, focus on them and ensure that they keep you motivated. If you want to look amazing next year, you should really avoid letting yourself go too much now. It can be difficult, but if you can keep yourself focused then it will happen.

Use these tips and you can avoid letting yourself go this winter, look awesome, and look even better come summer!

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