Here’s How to Make Your Eyes Pop in Three Simple Steps

They say that our eyes on the windows to our soul. Which means that they have to always be looking their best, right?! Most people will notice someone’s eyes before anything else. It’s also one of the things men say they look for in women. All of this adds up to one thing. We need to step up our eye game. Do you want those peepers to be big, bright and beautiful? Good! Because I’m about to show you how in three simple steps.


Step 1: Get Enough Sleep
The simple fact is, if you don’t get enough sleep then your eyes are going to look dull and tired. You’re not going to be wowing anyone with those peepers if you’ve only had a couple of hours sleep. You’re more likely to frighten people off with those black bags. Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This means getting to bed at a reasonable time if you generally have to be up early. You can always record that TV show you’ve been waiting up all night to watch. You can also use a smart alarm if you want to wake up more naturally. This is a great idea for those who find themselves bleary eyed for hours after their alarm jolts them awake.

Step 2: Primp and Prep Your Eye Are
The next step involves looking after the skin around your eyes. If you don’t then you’re going to be prone to droopy eyes, wrinkles, and black bags. Not a great look, let’s be honest! You need to make sure your skincare routine is up to scratch. Are you cleansing, toning and moisturising everyday? If not, you should be. This will keep the skin around your eyelids from looking tired. If you’re really worried about droopiness then you could always invest in eyelid surgery services. This can tighten up the delicate area around your eyes, making you look more fresh faced. However, for most people it’s just a case of stepping up that skincare regime game.


Step 3: The Makeup
Finally, let’s finish off the look with some makeup. You can make your eyes pop with some really clever techniques and beauty secrets. White eyeliner will become an essential in your cosmetics bag. If you use it on the inside of your lower eyelid, it will give the appearance of big and beautiful eyes. There are also some rather nifty eyeliner tricks you can try for the top and bottom lids. Make sure you’re using a dark colour eyeshadow for the crease of your eyelid, with a lighter shade around. This will give you a more refined crease, that can basically be put wherever you want. Fancy bigger eyes? Put it higher up. Want that sultry look? Get right in the crease with some dark greys or blacks. Easy!

And that’s all there is to it! These three simple steps will make sure your eyes pop every single time. They don’t take a lot of effort, but can make such a big difference. The next time you feel self conscious about your eyes, give these tricks a go.

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