Gift Ideas To Remind Your Man Of His Childhood

If you love your man as much as I love mine, getting him some retro toys could be perfect. No matter how old they get, all men are little boys at heart. Today, I’ve chosen to list some of the coolest items from their childhood. Presuming you purchase some of them this year, expect to see a big smile on his face. You know your man better than I do. So, you are in the best position to identify the best toys. The ones listed on this page are simply the most popular from the last thirty years. Whether he has a birthday coming up or not, he is guaranteed to appreciate anything mentioned on this page.

  • G.I. Joe / Action Man

Depending on the age of your partner, he is sure to have played with G.I. Joe or Action Man in the past. The latter was popular in the UK and Europe. The former was geared towards the US market. Of course, most guys won’t want to play with dolls. That means he is likely to keep it in the box and put it on display. So long as you don’t mind seeing action figures on the shelves, getting one today could be ideal. You should check online auction websites for vintage or original products. Don’t worry too much if you can’t find them. They still sell those figures in most toy shops.

G.I. Joe

  • Remote Control Toys

MYRCtopia provides lots of fun information about some of the most popular RC toys ever released. So, you don’t have to be an expert to find the perfect gift. So long as you do some research into the products around when your partner was a child, you are onto a winner. There is no need to spend a fortune because it’s about the novelty. If you can get him a 1989 Acura Legend Coupe, his jaw will drop to the floor. Retro RC toys are always preferable to the latest models. At the end of the day, he won’t spend too much time racing it around the living room. Again, the enjoyment usually comes from displaying the item.


  • WWF Wrestling Figures

I almost mentioned this idea in my recent article about father’s day gifts. However, I felt that it wasn’t in keeping with my other suggestions. So, I saved it for today! The WWF doesn’t even exist anymore. It is now branded as WWE. I am more than aware those most of you do not want to see your partner playing with wrestling figures. Even so, they will have loved them when they were small. So, getting some today could take them back to a happier and less stressful time. Take my advice. Purchase boxed original figures. That way, he won’t want to take them out of the packaging. Whoever said we couldn’t be strategic with our gift giving?


There you go ladies. That’s all for today. Just remember that giving your man gifts that remind him of his younger days is a real treat. He is sure to appreciate your efforts, and he might just follow suit. Just make sure you let him know that you have no desire to start a vintage Barbie collection. You know how the boys can get carried away!

Have a great day!

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