Pearl Power

Are you a classic white pearl girl? I have a couple of friends who I usually refer to as “pearly classic”. Regardless of the occasion, their white classic faux-pearl studs are always apropos. Just the same, I still always try to bring out their wild side, and persuade them to rock pink or darker-hued pearls which can bring just as much elegance and sophistication to an outfit. But, as it turns out, they had some pearls of wisdom for me! Classics are classics for a reason. Now, I’m a white-pearly classic girl too…but with a twist. Ever since Mise en Dior‘s jewelry collection, when the tribal inspired pearl earrings from Dior emerged, I’ve noticed white classic pearl earrings have been reinvented by including other pearl accessories and mixing in different colored materials, fabric, and even pleather. For an accessory addict like me – it’s heaven! If you’re not looking to spend $400 or more at Dior, but are still looking for nice, classic white faux-pearl accessories with a twist, here are few Pearl Power favorites I’ve curated for you – all under $50.


Left to Right 

1: Pearl Connection Ear Cuff – $22
2: Rhinestone & Pearl Ear Cuff – $7
3: Suspension Pearl Drops – $28
4: Bracelets Cream Pearl Locket Charm – $48
5: Cut-Out Pearl Cuff Bracelet – $6
6: COCO Pearl Ring – $18
7: Pearl Dual Finger Ring – $25
8: Faux Pearl Cutout Cuff – $5.80


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