Bright Pink & Treasure Yellow

I usually skip the nail polish portion of my mani because, well, what’s the point? It usually doesn’t stay on my nails for more than a day….a day and a half if I’m lucky. But ever since my blogosphere bestie, CowboysandCrossbones, introduced me to Seche Vite a few months ago,  I’ve been loading up on nail polish like crazy. My most recent nail polish spree included Essie and Mineral Fusion who came out with a few fabulous bright shades this Spring. With Seche Vite, these two happy shades have been with me all week and are among my favorites for the season!

Essie lasted about 10 days while Mineral Fusion could’ve stayed forever. Seche Vite nailed it!

Mani-Monday-Essie-and-Mineral-FusionEssie, too taboo – florescent fuchsia berry and Mineral Fusion, Treasure.

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