Denim Therapy

Happy Monday Everyone,

As you know from last month’s post, LipoLotion has become the newest weapon in my arsenal of tools to help me look fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover LipoLotion in time to spare my two of my favorite pairs of jeans from falling victim to my not keeping up with the gym during the dark days of winter.
Fortunately, it was Denim Therapy to the rescue! Denim Therapy is a service which promises to restore your fave pair of jeans, the ones you just can’t part with, regardless of the damage.Denin-Therapy111I was quite skeptical of Denim Therapy’s services, and at $8/square inch , I also balked at their prices. So, I decided to go to their office to check out their work first hand. Upon walking in, I observed one customer’s elation over having her favorite pair of jeans restored and rejuvenated. I asked to see her jeans and, almost unable to detect where a tear had been, I felt my skepticism give way to awe. For denim lovers like me, this service is nothing short of pure jeanius! I am thrilled to share my before and after pictures with you.

Any favorite jeans you can’t bare to part with? Tell us about them!

DT-Before-and-After DT-Before-and-After01

According to Denim Therapy, here are  five simple rules to follow and your jeans will love you about about as much as you love them!
1) You don’t have to wash your jeans after each and every wear!
2) Wash your jeans inside out in warm water. No bleach.
3) Air-dry your jeans. Try to avoid drying them in the dryer.
4) If you really must dry your jeans, tumble dry on low.
5) If all else fails, send your jeans to the dry cleaner.


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