How to Make a Floral Friendship Bracelet


Hello everyone,

The imminent approach of spring is usually all it takes to put one in my step, but after the brutal winter we’ve endured, thoughts of spring have already given way to visions of a warm, sunny summer.  I am looking forward to beach days, summer birthday parties, and outdoor weddings.  I have two summer weddings to look forward to this year, and in what’s becoming a growing and welcome trend, both of the brides have requested no wedding gifts.  This classy gesture is a testament to the purity of the occasion and the couple’s heartfelt desire to simply share their special moment with loved ones.  Ironically, this makes me want to give a gift even more!

So what do you give to a bride who wants nothing more than your friendship?  In thinking about how to express my feelings, while respecting the bride’s request, I came across this pretty DIY floral friendship bracelet by A Fabulous Fete.  Making my own fun, floral friendship bracelets for the bride and bridesmaids struck me as the perfect way to provide a small, thoughtful, yet tangible token of that friendship. Let me know what you think!

babys-breath-friendship-bracelet-2You’ll need: Colorful strands, tape, scissors, and a sturdy bloom like babys breath.


1: Knot the top of your strands and tape down to a flat surface.

2: Pull one string out of the group, loop under the rest of the string, back around and through itself like a knot.

3: Pull each knot up tight.

4: Once you are about an inch down, make a knot, but this time insert the stem of a small piece of your bloom. continue to make the knots, tucking in the stem until it is covered.


5: Keep adding your flowers until you have a long enough piece to create your bracelet, then end with a knot (as seen above).

babys-breath-friendship-bracelet-10A Fabulous Fete is a blog by event designer, Lauren. Check out all the party and home goodies at A Fabulous Fete – The Shop.

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