6 Stylish Hostess Gifts

The festive holidays will be upon us before we know it! Along with them comes gracious invitations to fabulous gatherings and holiday feasts…and unfortunately, usually a last minute scramble to find an ordinary, uninspired gift bag for the bottle of wine you’ll be bringing. This year, try something a little bit more creative and unconventional by varying your options with our new favorite holiday stylish hostess gifts.


1: A+R Le Petit Dej’ Breakfast Tray, $92 – A tray with a vase that fluidly shoots up from the surface thanks to a cleverly and carefully designed injection molding process–produced entirely in the U.S.A. This tray make an ideal gift or any other excuse for breakfast in bed.

2: Taigan Monkey Balls – sets of 6, $80 – These balls are made from the fruits of a Monkey Apple/Strynchos tree, they are dried and treated with wax when hardened and then individually hand carved and hand painted so that each piece is a work of art. They come in 6 assorted colors to give you the true range of color which look fabulous in a bowl.

3: Be The Light New York by Petra Nemcova, $98 – These candles will take you around the world to discover their treasures. These treasures can be a national flower, unique crafts and materials, a spice that is integral in people’s lives, or ingredients that have left an indelible mark on the country’s history. My personal favorite is the Haitian Hibiscus Breeze “Beauty and Strength”.

4: iomoi Muffie the Zebra & James the Fox Green, $32 – I just love this colorful coaster and they make perfect gift too.

5: Marie Belle Cacaotelle Hot Cocoa Collection, $58 – Chocolate is the spice of life! I received these MarieBelle’s Aztec chocolate blends recently and found them so delicious.

6: Indigo Africa Wine Bag – Indigo Blue, $10 – Indigo Africa is a social enterprise that I support whenever I can. They help women own businesses in Rwanda toward sustainable economic independence through access to markets and education. In the spirit of giving; these bags make the perfect hostess gifts that keeps on giving and re-giving.

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