Thrifty Thursday: 6 Rich Tone Color Coats Under $70

If you’re like me, you have visions of being adorned in red rubies, canary yellow diamonds, ocean blue turquoise, and sparkling sapphires. So, why stop at jewelry? With these bold, audacious, rich color coats, you can wrap yourself in brilliance all winter long. At under $70 each, each can become a jewel in your wardrobe.

MyFavesJournal-Jewel-Tone-Coats-Under$70Left to Right

1: Jane Norman Fit and Flare Coat Org: $89 Now: $70
2: Merona Women’s Peacoat Org: $55  Now: $40
3: Merona Women’s Shawl Collar Coat Org: $60  Now: $50
4: Tie Waist Peacoat With Thinsulate Org: $110  Now: $70
5: Milan Aqua Women’s Long Peacoat Org: $70  Now: $60
6: Royal Blue Women’s Peacoat Org: $55  Now: $40

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