DIY: Bridal Party Tank-Top

Summer is a very popular time for weddings. I feel like I have been, and will be, at weddings almost every other weekend.  As my friend’s bridal shower and impending nuptials approach, I’ve been browsing the web for some bridal party favors. In my search I bumped into this easy and fun bridal party tank-top DIY tutorial by Something Turquoise, and couldn’t wait to share it.

You’ll need:

  • Clorox Bleach Pen
  • wax paper
  • piece of cardboard
  • your choice of t-shirt or clothing


Cover a small piece of cardboard with a sheet of wax paper.

MyFavesJournal_DIY_Bridesmaid_tshirt_3Place the wax paper wrapped side of the cardboard facing the layer of material that you will be bleaching to protect the rest of the shirt from excess bleach. Then smooth your shirt over the cardboard making sure that it is laying perfectly flat and even across the board.

MyFavesJournal_DIY_BridalPartyTankTops_tshirt_Using your Clorox bleach pen, carefully write Bride or Bridesmaid or MOH (maid of honor) or MAID or… anything that you would like! Try to keep the line of bleach as thin and even as possible. Go back over lines that ended up sparce – to make the bleach design even. The bleach will spread a bit so fine details are not easy to create. Keep it simple. If you feel uncomfortable doing this freehanded, you can trace your design with chalk first – but sometimes that can be difficult with stretchy materials. Also, this technique works best with clothing that is tightly knit, larger knits will cause the bleach to spread too much and could negatively effect your design.

MyFavesJournal_DIY_BridalPartyTankTops_tshirt_2Once you are finished with your design, start the timer at 10:00 minutes. This tank and the green tanks only took 10 minutes, but my sweatshirt took 20 minutes – it all depends on the fabric! If you can’t see the shirt changing colors from the edges of the bleach, carefully lift up the shirt and look at the underside. When it looks close to white it is done! Carefully remove the cardboard and wash the bleach off the material. Making sure not to let the bleach touch any other areas of the material – it is bleach and will do what bleach does best. Wash with a hard steady stream of water until there is no bleach residue left.

MyFavesJournal_DIY_Bridesmaid_tshirt_4Using hand soap or the like, thoroughly wash the bleached area of your shirt and then wash it like regular in the washing machine. After you have used soap and water to clean the bleach from your shirt, there is no worry of it continuing to bleach or bleaching something else in the washer with it.

MyFavesJournal_DIY_Bridesmaid_tshirt_00 MyFavesJournal_DIY_Bridesmaid_tshirt_11

What do you think of this bridal DIY tutorial?

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Sources: Something Turquoise, Studio Eleven Photography