How Would This Look On Me?

Stylewhile is running a contest and I thought, why not share it with you? You can win a $500 shopping voucher simply by creating a style and saving it in the gallery. The contest will run until June 19th, after which Stylewhile will pick one random winner.
My Faves Journal_Event_Stylewhile
What To Wear? What To Buy? How Would This Look On Me? Those are the dilemmas behind the creation of Stylewhile. On Stylewhile you can select your body type to make your shopping decision easy.

Stylewhile makes “trying on” very simple!  Just “drag and drop” if you are on an iPad or “click clothes” while on your desktop to see how your outfit would look on your selected model body type. Stylewhile has a great selection of fashion from top online stores and different model body types to choose from.

These are just a few styles that I’ve created with different models to enter the contest. I hope you create some fierce ones too.

Happy Styling 🙂

Dinner Plan
My Faves Journal_DinnerPlan_ Stylewhile

Date Night 
My Faves Journal_Date Night_Stylewhile

My Faves Journal_Office_Stylewhile

Girls Night Out
My Faves Journal_Girls Night Out_Stylewhile

Casual Friday
My Faves Journal_CasualFriday_Stylewhile
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