Swimwear Beyond The Sea

You don’t need to feel like a fish out of water when wearing this elegant swimwear away from the beach. Whether at dinner or a fancy cocktail party, these beautiful bathing suits will go over swimmingly. With this bold fashion statement, the daring fashionista can make a splash…without making waves.

My Faves Journal Swimsuit & Outfit-1L Space Bikini Hinge Lace Top

My Faves Journal Swimsuit & Outfit-2Maaji Bikini Hinge Pleated Skirt

My Faves Journal Swimsuit & Outfit-3Becca Bikini | Caslon Linen Jacket

My Faves Journal Swimsuit& Outfit-4Robin Piccone One-Piece Swimsuit Elan Draped Skirt

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Sources: Nordstrom