Happy (St. Patrick’s Day) Weekend!

Spruce up your outfit with a three-leaf clover boutonniere using cotton, waxed paper, floral wire, and a shamrock template to add a special touch this Saint Patrick’s Day. See below how to make this boutonniere!

My Faves Journal Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tools and Materials
* Cotton fabric
* Waxed paper
* Paintbrush
* Liquid starch
* Iron
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Floral wire
* Craft glue
* Green ribbon
* Corsage pins

Shamrock How-To
Choose a mix of cotton fabrics in green solids and patterns.

1. On waxed paper, use a paintbrush to coat both sides of a cotton swatch with liquid starch. Let it dry. Iron the fabric to flatten it.

2. Photocopy shamrock templates to desired sizes. Cut them out, and trace them on fabric; then cut out fabric shamrocks. Crease each leaf in half lengthwise.

3. To make a stem, cut a 4-inch piece of floral wire; fold it in half, and twist it until the ends form a tiny V. Bend the V forward slightly and attach it to the back of each shamrock with a small dab of craft glue. Tie a bow around one stem or a bunch of shamrocks. Use a corsage pin to fasten to your clothing.

source: marthastewart.com