Brand Partnership: Katy Perry Lashes Out

English: Katy Perry at the 2011 Logie Awards
English: Katy Perry at the 2011 Logie Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It may not be easy to sing like Men’s Health Magazine’s “Hollywood’s Hottest Woman” of 2013, Katy Perry, but you can certainly bat your lashes like she does.  The singer partnered up with Eylure to create her new false eye lashes collection. If you are a fan of the pop star, you are also likely familiar with her love of colors, which she creatively infuses in her lashes collection.My Faves Journal KATY PERRY KA-POW! COLOR POP LASHES

My personal favorite are the Color Pop Lashes Ka-Pow, which are designed with black soft natural fibers, and a subtle hint of peacock hues (purple, green, and blue).  Without being overtly prominent, these somewhat muted colors will still provide you with a dramatic look similar to the pop star’s.  These fabulous lashes are available at Claire’s.  However, if you are inclined towards a more natural look, you can opt for the Katie Sweetie Pie lashes.  See the slides below for the entire collection.

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