Weekend Finds: Tuque Cute

My Faves Journal All Knitwear JIGSAW & WAVYY HATSAs I brave the brutal winter elements, I recall one of my grandfather’s many pearls of wisdom with warmth…literally! “A warm head makes for a warm body.” As a kid, this sage advice went over my head as I always refused to wear hats. As I matured however, I’ve developed an appreciation for my grandfather’s wisdom, and realized, as with most of his advice, there was broader applicability. My grandfather’s counsel proved to be invaluable not just with respect to obtaining my desired temperature, but also my desired temperament. When winter’s dreariness gets me down I cover myself with fun colors that also warm my spirits. I came across these jigsaw & wavy hatsAt Off A Kind, and I knew that wearing them on an otherwise dreary winter’s day would help me to get my head in the right place. See the slides below for the colorful collection which is available at All For Everyone.

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