The One Lovely Blog Award


My Faves Journal is honored to have been selected by Style Salvation as a nominee for the One Lovely Blog Award.  As a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, I certainly never expected to be acknowledged so soon.  I am truly grateful for the recognition, and elated that readers appreciate my efforts to share my passion.

Thank you Style Salvation, for both the flattering nomination and all the great deal insights you have provided.  To any of my readers interested in fabulous tips for finding, mixing, and matching luxurious and bargain items, I urge you to check out

Now, in accordance with contest ‘rules’ which stipulate that nominees of the One Lovely Blog award 1) share seven random things about themselves, and 2) suggest seven other very lovely blogs, please see below:

7 Random things about me: 

1)    I have a style crush on Olivia Palermo


2)    I am obsessed with hotels and often dream of one day owning a luxury boutique hotel of my own

3)    I love international travel and long to revisit Krabi, Thailand, for some of the best beaches, most charming hotels, delicious food, and of course, incomparable bargain shopping

Source: Oriental Escape – Krabi, Thailand

4)    I am an absolute jewelry fiend.  While mostly costume or self made creations, I have accumulated so much of it that I rarely wear the same piece twice

5)    My Faves Journal was created initially to learn about technology, and to face my paranoia over privacy and social media. A recovering conspiracy theorist and technophobe, I am now enjoying every moment spreading my wings on the Interwebs

6)    Tiffany’s blue satin bracelet purse tops my 2012 holiday wish list (thought I’d mention that just in case I happen to have any followers residing at the North Pole…)

Tiffany & Co Bracelet Bag

7)    I am a marketing company’s dream because I am crazy about products and mesmerized by beautiful packages.  I am constantly scouring the city and the Internet in the hopes of finding, and sharing, the next awesome product out there.

7 Lovely Blogs:

1)    MizzFIT, I really like how she approaches fitness through fashion

2)    The Chicago Life, for their Home Life & Décor selections

3)    The Musing of a Skin Care Fanatic, for selecting affordable beauty products

4)    L’Atelier NYC, for its amazing photography

5)    The Stranger, her writing and pictures are fabulous

6)    Fashion & Style Guru, covering different topics relating to fashion

7)    Lipstick and Stilletos, I like how personal she gets on her blog sometimes