Weekend Finds: Check Out My Favorite Spots

This past weekend, while leisurely sauntering down and window shopping the streets of New York City, I was suddenly struck by a whimsical sense of nostalgia.  As my eyes focused in on the panorama of polka dots greeting them in the Kate Spade display window, they brought my conscious mind up to speed with what my subconscious had already processed. 

 The classic polka dot print has always resonated with me as a perfectly silly, yet chic, way to add a little fun to even the most sophisticated look.  So, I couldn’t help but commit a flagrant jaywalking violation as I beelined directly to the store to check out all the fabulousness.  

 It is a well-established foundation of fashion that everything old at some point becomes new again.  While polka dots have been around for a long time, I’m sure Kate would agree, this year’s playful polka dots are back better than ever. From ON THE DOT exclusive jewelry collection, wallets, and shoes, to MOD SPOT FINGERLESS GLOVES and cell phone covers, Kate Spade has modernized a classic, and provided a novel way to accessorize and enhance your wardrobe with the dotted spot . The appeal of this versatile pattern is so universal that even the guys are getting in on the trend.

Let us know, what’s your favorite way of donning the dots?