Weekend Finds: My Halloween Treats

 As a kid, Halloween just wouldn’t have been the same without my trusty Halloween candy bag.  Whether a princess, diva, fairy, mermaid, or mummy, that bag was the perfect accessory and compliment to any outfit.  On second thought, my outfits were a nice addition to my Halloween bag.  And man…could it ever hold some sweet Halloween bounty!  Just when I thought I couldn’t squeeze in another item, somehow it also made room for countless more candy necklaces and diamond ring pops.

I’m pretty sure that’s where my lifelong obsession with bags (and quite possibly jewelry) began.  Though I no longer solicit high fructose corn syrup confections from strangers, I do still look forward to my Halloween bag and Halloween treat.  Now however, my bag and treat are one and the same!

So ramping up to this Halloween, I’ve been searching for a chic and all season handbag to add to my collection.  What a treat it was when I discovered “Neomi“and “Kim ”  by Melie Bianco.  At $129, Kim is ‘budget friendly’ and nothing short of fabulous.  She’s a color blocking tote with three different hues and studded accents.  Not too bulky, while big enough to hold everything you may need during the day. I’ve hung out with Kim for over a week now, and she carried my sneakers, gym clothes, 1 litter Fiji water, and make-up bag with out putting up a fuss. Kim is the perfect companion to bring to work or for a casual outing.

The Neomi tote, is another great all season bag.  The color of this bag is perfect year-round.  Not too dark and not too light. I couldn’t help but become fast friends with Neomi also.  Classic, elegant, and perfectly chic.  I love Neomi’s structure and detail, not to mention how well she goes with many different fall and summer outfits.  Neomi would look absolutely fantastic making a bold statement with any dark or light-colored summer or winter outfit.  There really isn’t much this bag wouldn’t look incredible with.  It’s such a great style, and just perfect for all seasons.

So this season, put on your favorite ensemble and knock on Melie Bianco’s door for a Halloween treat!