Top 10 Cocktail Rings

Eye catching cocktail rings are the perfect way to add a colorful highlight to your favorite LBD or other somewhat sombre fall attire.  Bold cocktail ring like these can make your otherwise simple outfit pop.

Coupling a prominent cocktail ring with statement earrings or a great big necklace can be done without appearing ostentatious, particularly when accompanying your favorite simple dress.

1. Judith Jack Maui Ring, $149, Nordstrom  2. Jade & Gold Cocktail Ring, $130, CHICHI  3.Pearls and Baguettes on Metal, $60, Michelle Monroe Collection  4. Semi Diamond Cut Ring, $45, A.V. Max    5. LALIQUE France Lilac Cabochon Crystal, $135, Lalique Collectibles  6.Gold Red Jade and Charcoal Ring, $243, Tomassa  7. Black Enamel with Light Topaz Stones, $35, Michelle Monroe Collection  8. Gold Turquoise Ring, $130, CHICHI  9. Hunter Satin Gold and Dark Brown Robles Wood, $75, Glitterrings 10.  Arty Flower Ring, $295, CHICHI