The little black dress is a wardrobe must-have, and has likely helped most of us out of a fashion crisis on more than one occasion.  So this season, incorporate a great pair of tights to enhance your closet savior’s versatility, and help your little black dress help you!

While a great pair of shoes can usually transform the look of an oufit, a little legwear may be a more economical, though equally powerful, way to give that one little black dress the shot in the arm (or leg) it needs.  Legwear has changed a lot in texture and variety these days. From fishnets and corduroy to floral, opaque and more, the optionality afforded by legwear has never been stronger.

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With no end in sight, summer’s color blocking trend will continue right on through the fall. The greatest way to mix & match your little black dress is just by adding that splash of color to show of your sexy legs in bright color tights. Tights can really be a powerful fashion statement and high return investment for the fall.  Just by mixing and matching these beautiful hues and textures, tights can breathe new life into your tried and true little black dress.