Top Three Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Over the years my experience with long-lasting lipsticks has been very disappointing. Shortly after applying them my lips would get very dry, chapped and would start to crack. Not very attractive at all!  Instead, I decided to go with lip balm, which was not only moisturizer but also provided appealing tints and flavors. My favorite by far is fruit smoothie lip balm. While perusing some beauty shops last week, I noticed that long-lasting lipsticks are making a comeback, this time however, with a different theme. The common theme for these new long-lasting lipsticks is that they claim to be supper moisturizing, hydrating, and able to ensure that your lip color will stay on without the characteristic gooey, sticky feeling of lipsticks past. I put a few of those long-wear lipsticks to the test and only three of them kept my lush lips moisturized. Here are some of my favorite long-lasting lipsticks:

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss – Love Child: This is a crayon that comes in six different shades. You can actually draw and fill in your lips, which makes it quite a simple to-do. You can wear it as a lip stain which will give you that sheer splash of color without washing off, for a shine that will last all day.

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Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Fiery Deep Red: Think of a regular lipstick but in liquid form and supper hydrating! It comes in 10 different shades. The lip color stays on and shines. You’re going to have that moisturizing feeling from the moment it touches your lips.

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Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint – Expose Nude : Provides the same sheer lip color as those older lip tints, but sans annoying drying. It’s also long-wear with a moisturizing feeling and comes in six different shades.


*** Remember, each lip color looks different on everyone, so it all depends on the pigment you already have on your natural lip color. It’s best to experiment with several different shades to find your perfect match! What’s your favorite long-lasting lipstick?